Sleek Floral Design at Bar Mitzvah at the Intrepid Museum

This past weekend May 16th, Tantawan Bloom designed a very sleek floral decor for Jordan’s Bar Mitzvah at the Intrepid Museum NYC. The space was huge and there were so many air planes in that beautiful venue. Special thanks to
Gustavo Campos the photographer who did such an amazing job. Some photos which are not good quality were taken by myself (of course I’m a florist not a photographer.)
Megan Wall, you were terrific to work with and was very helpful at the museum. Parties by PJ is always pleasure to work with. Frost did very good job with the lighting.

Golf Srithamrong, Tantawanbloom


  • Flower Design Jane says:

    Amazing work, fantastic flowers and superb lighting

  • Becca says:

    This is SO cool! I love everything about it – thanks for sharing!

  • Rach says:

    Hi there!i'm a floral Designer in Australia.not sure if i'm allowed to ask designs specifics… but i'm intrigued at your tulips in glass vases with the candle floating on top- you use that design alot- and i'm wondering how you secure the tulip to the base of the vase so it stays there? if you'd rather answer in private- My email is Sapphiredesigns@gmail.comI really admire your work and draw great inspiration from it. thank you for sharing it with the world :)Rachel @ Sapphire Designs.

  • Ana Sol Carrera says:

    Hi there ! I am a floral disegner from Mexico and I love your work , every event its amazing !!!
    Thanks for sharing !

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