Holidays Wreath Ideas Part I

By December 5, 2011 Design Ideas 2 Comments

Tantawan Bloom Floral Design

After my last post about the wreath that I designed for the fundraising event “Posh at the Plaza Holidays Sale!”, I have received several emails from the readers requested the idea of creating a unique and modern wreath for the holidays. So today I am going to share my last contemporary wreath idea.

As I was looking for a new wreath design that was modern and unique, I came up with the idea while walking in the flower market and saw a pile of driftwoods. So I thought it would be fun to create a wreath from scratch with those driftwoods. We literally picked each beautiful driftwood that would create a perfect shape and put them together with screws. Then we put green cymbidium orchids, succulents and all small flowers on the driftwoods with hot glue to make the wreath look very natural like a small garden. In the end we added purple feather butterflies to create a happy holiday season color to this modern wreath.

Sometimes we can create a very beautiful and modern wreath from small and simple things that we might overlook.

We are going to give you more ideas about the wreath designs next post, stay tune!! ^_^

Golf Srithamrong, Tantawan Bloom


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