Tantawan Bloom and Weddings, Inspiration, with a Touch of Magenta

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a wedding is defined as a ceremony that celebrates a marriage and is usually accompanied with festivities. Which means that no matter how much we love the colorful flowers, luxurious linens, and elaborate lighting, they are all technically unnecessary. All that is truly required to carry on this special ceremony is the presence of the loving couple and the officiant of their choice. So why do couples come to us? What service are they looking for us to provide to them and their guests? In one word, the answer is an experience. Couples come to us looking for someone who will transform their ceremony from a schedule of proceedings into an experience. We provide an atmosphere that overcomes guests and allows them to feel whatever emotion the wedding couple would like them to enjoy, not only on the special day, but years later.

Wedding couple, Varinda and Eric, wanted their guests to experience something fun and lively and sought inspiration from oriental elements. They came to Tantawan Bloom looking for someone who could turn these ideas into something original, that their guest would remember forever. To put it simply, Tantawan Bloom delivered. wedding-at-mandarin-oriental-hotel-ny

The wedding ceremony and reception took place in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Located in Midtown and surrounded by hundreds of tall New York City buildings, its ceiling to floor windows show off its stunning view of the city and allows guests to appreciate their place in the center of it all. Tantawan Bloom constructed an alter that mimicked this theme. The alter was set by bright drapes in the center of the room and guests were seated in a circular layout surrounded that the couple. All eyes were on the bride and groom because of the simplistic design created for this room. This space provided guests an opportunity to focus on the loving commitment that the couple were entering into while remaining clueless about the magnificent sights that awaited them.


Before entering the reception space guests received their place cards at a stunning and colorful table. A striking tall arrangement of bright fuchsia phalaenopsis orchids stood tall in the center of the table in three glass cylinders surrounded by candles and shorter arrangements of light purples, reds, and oranges to add the fun and lively touch the couple was looking for. The purple sequined tablecloth sparkled as guests searched for their names but guests were dazed by the flowers. After such a simplistic ceremony space where guests were able to appreciate the true beauty of the loving couple, the place card table gave guests a hint of what awaited them inside the reception space.


Guests then entered a room that displayed these orchids tastefully in a variety of smaller arrangements found on tables and behind the bar. While seated, guests were surrounded by centerpieces and overhead fixtures that contained many thin branches and less flowers, similar to the branch heavy style of a cherry blossom tree, another oriental flower. Tantawan Bloom added phalaenopsis orchids to these pieces to turn these overused oriental designs into exquisite pieces that guests could look up to and admire.




The bright purple and fuchsia hues from the ceremony space were reflected throughout the reception space but other bright colors were added to the flowers as well as to the other decorative elements to give that fun and lively vibe the couple was seeking. Each table was named for a building that guests were able to see in the beautiful skyline view during the ceremony. The cake was also decorated with bright fuchsia phalaenopsis orchids to tie in the oriental theme. The oriental purple and pink hues on the cake again added to that fun and lively touch.



Every aspect of Varinda and Eric’s oriental inspired wedding was executed perfectly and their guests enjoyed the fun and lively environment that was created.

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We loved working with this fun loving couple and wish them the happiest of days in years to come.

Your wedding enthusiast,

Ms. Love

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