Autumn Wedding Party in New York City

In the beginning of October, Tantawan Bloom designed floral arrangements in fall-season colors for a beautiful party on Park Avenue in the center of Manhattan.

As the guests entered they found themselves walking under three “seating card” trees, each decorated with thousands of cymbidium orchids with the seating cards hanging from the trees’ branches.

The table centerpieces were of two different designs. The first used a seven foot tall tree containing brown-orange cymbidium orchids with other fall-color flowers and accents of smilax. The trees were also hung with custom made lanterns containing tea lights tree, casting a romantic glow on the table and the guests. The other table design consisted of simple red floral arrangements at four different heights, each accented on top with a pillar candle for an understated elegance.

The guests felt they were sitting down for dinner in an extravagantly beautiful fall garden in the middle of the most exciting city in the world.

And that was another successful and beautiful night.

Golf Srithamrong, Tantawan Bloom

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  • tandiz says:

    the roses remind me of valentine’s day, and it makes me feel in love somehow haha i dont know why, but i honestly do, it makes me smile tho, thank you 🙂

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