Simple Yet Sophisticated Flower Design for Bar Mitzvah Party

The client told me, “We want the party to be relaxing and fun, the flowers are very simple and modern. We’d like a strong look in green and white. We also love candles. And we’d love to give away flowers to all the guests when they leave the party”

After I thought about it, I came up with a simple design that was also sophisticated.
When the guests entered, they found their escort cards on a wall of white and green cymbidiums orchids accented on top with phalaenopsis orchids.

In the cocktail area I used amaryllis in rectangular clear glass.

There were two basic centerpiece designs. In one I used 4 tall elegant vases filled with the bouquets of the phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids, which the guests can carry home as bouquets when the party is over. Floating candles added to the elegance of the table design. The other centerpiece evolved from a design the client had seen in my portfolio. This consisted of a tall glass cylinder filled with submerged white tulips and topped with an arrangement of elephant ear leaves. Surrounding the cylinder was a rectangular arrangement using green mums, accented by floating candles.


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